Claim Process

What does it take and how do I handle my roofing insurance claim process?

Roof MD specializes in Roofing Insurance Claims related to storm damage, including hail, wind, hurricanes, and other natural occurrences.The claims process can at times be frustrating and time consuming for the property owner , who has never experienced this process before.

Let Roof MD Handle The Insurance Claim Process For You.

We are trained and very well versed in insurance estimating and will even help you with the entire process. We also have experience working with all different types of insurance companies and adjusters. Trust me this will help eliminate frustration and provide a smooth claim-process from start to finish.

Then From Here Its Easy As 1 2 3 To Pay Your Roofing Company.

Payments from an insurance company normally come in two separate installments. 1st. payment is made upon the insurance company’s verification of damages to the property. This amount can vary from about 50 to 75 of the total insurance claim amount. 2nd. & Final payment is made from the insurance company to the property owner only upon completion of prescribed work by a Licensed Contractor.

It is therefore necessary for ABC to submit a final invoice and certificate of completion to your insurance company in order to initiate the release of any remaining funds. These funds are often referred to as “recoverable depreciation.” The funds are normally released from the insurance company and sent through snail mail within 7 to 14 business days after completion of the project.